Web Designing Course

Planning and Creating of web sites are called as web designing. Design is perceived as Visual effect but it also includes Usability, User Habits, layout, Navigation that simplify the use of websites.
Design describes the visual appearance of a website. Traditional approach involves contrast, style of graphical elements (lines, shapes, texture, colour and direction), colouring, emphasis, balance, background Textures, use of icons and general atmosphere of overall website design.



Html Marquee, Textarea, Title,Doctype, Label Button Tag, Formatting Tags HTML 5 Tags, Data Tag, Datalist Tag Header, Footer, Figure Tags Section Tag, Section Tag, Time Tags, Html Canvas


What is Css, Css Syntax, Css Selector How to Add Css, Inline,Internal, External Css Css Background, Border, Display, Font, Margin Opacity, Padding, Word Wrap, Visibility
Css3 Advance Tags CssAnimation,Gradient, Transition, Tooltips Arrow, Pagination, Css Layout, Css Table Css 2D Transforms, 3D Transforms, User Interface


JavaScript Introduction, Internal, External Data Types, Js Operators, If Statements, Switch,Loops Js Function, Arrays,Js String, Js Math, Js Number
JsBOM(Browser Object) – Window, History Object Navigator, Screen Object
JsDOM(Document Object) getElementById, GetElementsByName, getElementsByTagName, InnerHtml, InnerText property
Js Validation – Form validation, Email validation
Js OOPs – JS Class, Object, Constructor,Methods Js Inheritance, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Abstraction


What is Bootstrap, Introduction, Bootstrap Button, Grid, Table, Jumbotron, Form, Wells Labels, Panels, Pagination, Image, Glyphicon, Carousel, Progress Bar, List Group, DropDown, Collapse, Navbar, Popover, Scrollspy, Input Types, Modals
Bootstrap Utilities – Bootstrap Clearfix, Close Icons, Bootstrap Flexbox, Display Property, Image Replacement, invisible Content, Bootstrap Position Responsive, Screen Readers, Bootstrap Sizing, Spacing


Introduction of jquery jqueryelements : jquery selector, Effects, Hide, Show, Toggle, FadeIn, FadeOut, SlideDown, SlideUp, SlideToggle, Jquary animate, How to Add jquery